Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dog. Tummy time companion. Snack.

This morning I put Benjamin in his play crib so I could eat breakfast.

He howled.

And then Bailey started howling right along with him.

No joke. I’ve got audio proof.

Our poor neighbors.


  1. Liana9:56 PM

    So does Bailey enjoy being chewed on like that? That's an awfully patient dog. I came over here to make a comment today rather than on FB because I wanted to tell a family story and my baby brother would die if he saw it.

    When Dylan was a baby/toddler, he would lie on the floor with our lab Rosie and examine her eyes, ears, nose, mouth. Really get in there with his fingers and everything. We were lucky that she was a very patient animal otherwise he would have lost some fingers and toes. (Oh yeah, the feet went in her mouth too. Poor Rosie.)

  2. Ha! Love it. Rosie sounded like just about the sweetest dog ever.

    Bailey, on the other hand, was doing his best to crawl under the crib and away from the child. He insists on being in the room (maybe because that’s where I am?) but as far away from Benjamin as possible. ;)

  3. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Please send this photo and the smilin' Ben at 7 photo.

    Have I told you that I like to hear dogs sing?


  4. Liana6:51 PM

    Ha! Maybe Bailey just doesn't want to be left alone with Benjamin and his devices. Well you are lucky that Bailey is accepting, even if not completely accepting. My parents had a border collie mix named Phoebe who was sorta ok when they had my brother Nick, not so ok when they brought me home. (It was like, "what, you got another one of these things? Why??") Phoebe eventually had to be relocated to my grandparents' house after I got nipped.

    Rosie was literally the most patient dog I have ever seen. When we first got Rosie, we kept thinking there was something wrong with her because she was the sleepiest lab we'd ever seen. Now my parents have Cassie who has to be sedated with Benadryl when elderly guests come over so she doesn't knock them down (but Cassie is still a sweetheart...just a *very* excited wiggly sweetheart.) In fact, the first time I met Cassie, she laid down on her back and greeted me with a shower of pee she was so excited. Oh, you gotta love labs.