Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Seattle peeps -

A friend of my parents is trying to find a new home for their beloved kitties due to increased allergy sensitivities. Here is what she writes:

Plum and Chai are beautiful, affectionate 10-year-old brothers.  We adopted them as kittens from MEOW in 2000.  They are playful, healthy and up to date on all veterinary visits, care and immunizations.  They are soft, fluffy and very well mannered.

They are also extremely shy of new people.  It will take patience to win their favor, but once you do you will have two dear new friends.

The guys spend several hours each day outside at their own request.  They have never spent a night out of doors.

Eric’s allergies are the main impetus for seeking a new home.  We do so with very heavy hearts.

Please forward freely to any friends who might be interested.  We are hoping to have them settled in their new home by June.  Thank you so much for considering adopting Plum and Chai, the world’s sweetest cats.

Email me if you're interested.