Saturday, March 12, 2011

On Parenting [One Month]

Firstly, to the person that came up with the phrase: Sleeping like a baby. You and I need to have a talk. I don’t think it means what you think it means. 

Secondly, Chris gave Benjamin his first bottle the other night. We thought it was take a while for him to adjust to a new way of feeding.  If ‘a while’ means about 2.5 seconds then, well, I guess we were right. Clearly, consuming food is not a problem for this baby, thus far. We will be chronicling my adventures with pumping at another time. One word: YOWZA. 

Thirdly (and on a somewhat related note), I’ve really been enjoying breastfeeding this last week. The quiet time, the happy baby…it’s been a tremendously rewarding experience. We’re finally getting into a little bit of a routine (oh, about every 30 minutes or so!) during the day and it’s nice to sit back, relax, and enjoy having a content kiddo. As Chris says: ‘You’re lots of fun to be around when you’re happy, Baby”. Good thing we love him so much, it makes the screaming jags bearable. 

Poor Benjamin has started spitting up quite a bit recently so both he and I have acquired a new scent: Eau de Sour Milk

Also, we’ve incorporated ‘Spa Day’ [as we call it], into the nightly ritual. It mostly involves going into the bathroom, cranking up the heater to max temp, and letting Benjamin zone out, naked, on a towel. And then we usually pop him into the bath for a few minutes before returning him to his towel.  He is in absolute heaven. 

Zen Baby. 

Afterwards, the bathroom looks like a tornado has gone through. 

Naked babies…are not tidy. In more ways than one.


  1. um..why are you pumping Sonja if you are a stay at home mama? Be aware that Ben might not get the bottle the next time you use it. Lucia tried once and had great success and then never would use it again. She went from the breast to a sippy cup.

  2. Glad Chris is getting to participate in the feeding. I know that meant a lot to Brian. :)

    Oh and sleeping like a baby...I know where that comes from. It's because newborns (although they wake frequently) are solid sleepers. Nothing wakes them once they are asleep. So sleeping hard = sleeping like a baby.

  3. Hola amigos!

    Jenny, let's lay off the second guessing, just a bit, por favor. This new mama could use a little more positive support at the moment. The awesome thing about parenting is that we're all going to do it slightly differently, depending on the needs of both parents and kids.

    And, as for our reasoning for pumping, Amanda hit the nail on the head: Thus far Chris has been doing most of the thankless baby chores and I'd like for him to enjoy the major activity that brings unadulterated joy to the kiddo: eating. I've heard from scores of people that dads really like having a chance to bond with their babies over a bottle. So far Ben has been a champion bottle taker so we're really fortunate, in that regard.

    There is also another reason: flexibility. For me. At the moment, I'm tied to the baby 24-7. Lovingly tied. But in the future, there are going to be times when I need to do activities sans-child (dentist, hairdresser etc). Plus, Chris and I really want to be good about having some "us" time occasionally. We are very lucky that we have wonderful family members that have offered to take him off our hands for a few hours and having him take a bottle extends the period of time that we can be away.

  4. wasn't second guessing Sonja. I just know some nurses wrongly tell new moms they have to pump in order for their milk to keep going. This of course is a huge misconception.

    whether your husband feeds your baby or not bonding will occur. No worries there.

    I pumped for an entire year because Isabel never did learn to breastfeed. Pumping is a completely different beast. I learned to feel sorry for dairy cows because of it.

  5. Love your "Spa tiime" idea. We called the changing table Cara's happy place because she was always content to hang out there when she was teeny. Whatever works, right? :)

    Pumping is such a necessary evil. Bill loved being able to feed the kids, so I totally understand that part of the balance in parenting. I have tips on pumping if you'd like them but it should not hurt. A layer of Lansinoh to help lubricate and soothe might help. There are more tips (and a TON of BF info) here:

    Let me know when you're up for a visit, we'd love to meet Ben :)