Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Stop the Baby Photos!

What?! You’re sick of baby pictures? How is that possible?

How can one get tired of staring at Benjamin’s adorable baby blue eyes?

How about this, then?



Maybe a video?

Demonstrating how much our little offspring hates tummy time...


  1. I have yet to meet a baby who likes tummy time

  2. He may hate tummy time but he is clearly a rolling prodigy! Look at him go.

    I agree, most babies hate tummy time. A mirror below him sometimes helps and setting him face down on your chest as you're reclined or laying flat can also go over better (just be prepared for the spit up.) I think it's the lack of visiblility that riles a lot of them up.

  3. Ummm, I hate to sound naive...but what is tummy time?
    I played this video in our office, and all three of my dogs came running in when they heard little Ben crying. I think I might have some very concerned helpers when we have a little one.

  4. It’s funny, having a baby opens up this entire new world of things you have to know, including a host of new vocab words and concepts. I was clueless 9 months ago.

    They now recommend that babies sleep exclusively on their backs, no more side or stomach sleeping allowed. It’s cut the risk of SIDS by 40% but it also means that babies are getting flat spots on the backs of their heads from spending so much time on their backs. So everyday they encourage parents to place their babies on their tummies, allowing for some non-back positions. Babies hate tummy time. :)