Friday, April 22, 2011

Activities and Events

My dears,
We have been remiss in posting photos from the last few weeks of happenings. Here is a quick sampling:

Ben took his first mini hike. We trundled over to St. Ed's for a stroll with Megan and Cherie. Benjamin screamed the entire car ride over there and then slept for the duration of the hike. Figures.

 Megan, Chris, and a sleeping kiddo in the carrier
 I think our family is going to have to start implementing technology-free nights. The baby is the only one without a phone or computer. I'm just as bad, unfortunately. Man, i'd bet Apple would love this photo.
The worst offender.
 A few weeks ago we painted our closet the color of mud. I love it. Here is the "before" shot.

And the semi-finished "after" photo. We are baseboard pros at this point. And best of all? No paint made its way onto the new carpet.

 A few weeks ago we had our birth class reunion. About half the folks came back with their bambinos in tow. So fun to see the kiddies. Ben (in the blue sweater and striped pants) started hollering about 30 seconds after this photo was snapped. [photo: JM ] I think we should do a photo like this for my PEPS group.

Have I hold you that we've enjoyed three baby-free events!? With no offense intended towards our beloved child, they were AWESOME. Here we are at the Mariner's game with Megan and Eric. Last night we headed out to our favorite Napali restaurant while Ben and Bailey hung out with my parents. How I love not having to scarf my food!
  Last week we had a lovely visit from Chris' mom Cherie. Ben was loved and spoiled silly. We were all disappointed to see her go.
 Finally the sun has returned to Seattle! Nobody is more pleased with this development than the California canine.

And that, my dears, was the last two weeks in our casa. This weekend we are headed over to my grandma's retirement community for their annual Easter egg hunt. Ben's going to be a spectator this time around. Nana REALLY wants him to attend though - she's called us everyday this week to make sure that we still plan on coming! Wouldn't miss it for the world, Gran. And that's about our weekend. We plan on being generally lazy. If the weather cooperates, I'm thinking a nap on the deck might be order. Happy Easter, Peeps!