Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Nursing Diaries: Pumping Adventures

But thanks to some suggestions from friends and the gals in my PEPS group, we’ve worked out a routine that is manageable and more comfortable. 

Here’s how it goes:

I always pump in the morning, when I have the most milk, both sides, and for no more than 10 or 15 minutes. Benjamin is usually ‘at the spa’ [aka lying on a mat in front of the heater in the bathroom while Chris is taking a shower] or in his day crib. I plunk myself down in front of the computer with breakfast and start the machine. I can stand anything for ten minutes if I have both food and the computer as distractions. Also, I’m also pretty strict about ignoring outside commitments during this time. I’m ok with having Ben wail for ten minutes (he’s safe in his crib), for Bailey to stay out on the porch, or for the phone to remain unanswered during this time. I’m unlikely to go back to pumping if I have to get up halfway through. 

I use copious quantities of lanolin to coat the breast shields and I upgraded to Medela’s larger shield size - they are significantly more comfortable. I also try not to look down too often to see how much I’ve collected. That’s 'A watched pot never boils’ scenario. 

And so far, I’ve been happy with this system. Overall, I’ll probably get 4-5 ounces, which is enough to hold the kiddo over for an hour or two. We’ve got a fair amount stored in the freezer for babysitters and I usually have a bottle in the fridge ready for Chris in the evening. It sure isn’t the most exciting part of my day but the freedoms afforded me later on are well worth feeling like a dairy cow for 10 minutes in the morning. 

What about you, my dears? Any other suggestions? Things that worked well for you? Problems?