Monday, May 23, 2011

Advice Needed for a Yellowstone NP Trip


We’re hoping to spend a few days in Yellowstone National Park this summer and as neither of us have visited previously, we could use some advice. 

Here is the plan so far:
  • We have 3 days
  • We are entering from the South Gate and leaving via the North Gate
  • We are camping

So, any recommendations for the following would be so greatly appreciated:
  • Specific driving routes. Doubling back is ok. 
  • Must-see attractions/visitors centers/hikes/etc, especially for a gal (ahem. Me) that likes seeing wildlife. [Also, no killer hikes, por favor. We’ll have the bambino with us and until he can trundle along by himself fairly well, I’m not particularly keen on lugging him up any giant mountains.]
  • Favorite campgrounds