Friday, May 13, 2011

Missing blog posts?

Huh, that's weird. I could have swore that I posted a blog entry about the zoo yesterday. But it's no longer on the website.

And what about Ben's 14 week photo shoot? And the behind the scenes post?

There is some funny monkey business going on 'round here..

Update: And they are magically back. Thanks for the info on blogger issues, Peeps!


  1. I wasn't even able to get onto my blog aside from read mode for the last several days. Finally let me on today - but now your not showing up on my blog roll for some reason... I know that Blogger status said they've been doing maintenance items.

  2. Yeah...LOTS of people are having issues. :(

  3. Anonymous7:51 PM

    They are back now. Blogger had some problem with the dashboard and everything from Wednesday and Thursday was missing from blogger. But they say everything should be restored now and it seems they are.

  4. The only things that may have gone missing permanently are comments on posts. :(