Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nursery Projects - Poster Hanger

Above Benjamin’s crib we have three green dowel-like things that hold decorative Cavallini wrapping paper.

We styled them after the board in our kitchen that I affectionally call the Command Center. Mostly it’s just the resting place for a bunch of paper crap stuff:

Here is the play-by-play for my DIY poster hangers:

Wood pieces or dowels
Picture hangers
Eye hooks
Fishing line, string, or ribbon

I nosed around in the garage until I found appropriate pieces of wood. In my case, they were leftover from a headboard I made for the master bedroom. I cut them down to appropriate lengths and then spray painted them green. Regular paint would work well here, too. 
I was unable to find non-magnetic clips for this project. Obviously I’d scored them at some point since the Command Center hardware isn’t magnetic. Regardless, the important bit is that they have a hole in the center for your nail to go through. I used picture hanging nails:
Make sure that each is the appropriate distance from the end:
Tap your nails into the holes. They don’t have to be tight or all the way in as they’ll be mostly hidden behind the clip. Two clips per wooden piece, one at each end.
Hangers awaiting the next step. 
I then used eye hooks, one placed above each clip, for hanging. You can see the my nail is protruding a bit above the clip:
Depending on how low you want the posters to hang, tie a generous amount of fishing line between the two eye hooks. I used approximately 2’ lengths. 
I then inserted picture hooks over which I hung the fishing wire. I think this is a temporary solution as I don’t much care for the look of the exposed picture hooks. It might be cool to do a knob or decorative hook later on. 

You can just barely make out the picture hook in this photo. It’s between the striped and green flags. 

The hardest part of the project was getting the darn things level with each other. That took forever. 
And we’re done!


  1. What a great way to vary the artwork. Ben will always have something new to look at!

  2. Sonji - you should submit this to the project restyle!!

  3. Great job, again. And I really need that mushroom poster, as I'm a total fungophile :)

  4. [let’s try this again. Blogger really needs to have an edit feature for the typos that I’m always making]

    Thank you! It turned out better than I was expecting, actually. Always a pleasant surprise. :)

    Coll- What is project restyle?! It sounds like my kind o' place.

    Marcilla - I’m a huge fan of Cavallini Wrapping paper, especially their animal and botanical lines. They also have a series of maps and old vintage postcards that is pretty darn cool. They sell them online and at Paper Source (I’m so jealous that you eastsiders have the only Paper Source in the Puget Sound area) and at various other locations.

  5. I wanted to thank you so much for sharing your great idea! I found your project on someone's Pinterest page and knew it would be perfect for our school library. It was everything we needed, inexpensive, nice looking and flexible in sizing! (mostly inexpensive and nice looking!) Thanks a million!

  6. Awesome, I am so thrilled that it worked for you Lissi. Inexpensive is always great, in my book. :)

  7. Anonymous6:13 PM

    where'd you get those prints? been looking for something similar, and can't seem to find any that large.

  8. Try here:

  9. They also carry them at speciality paper stores like Paper Source. Good luck!