Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Opening Day 2011

My Dears, 

Our family has a loose, weather-dependant tradition of heading down to the Montlake Cut on Opening Day in the Spring to see the crew races and, if the weather is really nice, getting soaked by the water cannons on the fire boat as it barrels through the canal. 

 That’s Cambridge there in the middle with the mint green unis. 
 And the car that got kicked off the course. 

 WoooCrew! Sounds a lot like WU Crew (our alma mater). 

My Dears, 

Have I told you that the closest I ever got to being arrested (and really, it wasn’t close at all) was when our high school team went down one night to paint our annual slogan on the Cut wall (see examples in the photo below). Campus police came down to see why a group of 30 people were congregating in the middle of the night on University property. A few boys (who the heck invited them, anyway?) saw the police and took off. So naturally, reinforcements were called in. 

Hello, Officer(s). 

Fortunately they were very  nice, didn’t comment on the fact that we were technically vandalizing public property, and complemented us on our artwork. 

End of story. 

And, also, the end of my career as a graffiti artist.