Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pike Place Market

A friend of mine mentioned that she tries to have a ‘lunch date’ with her husband and new baby girl at least once a week. She drives to his office so his time away from work is minimal and it’s nice for her husband to get in some baby time. Which makes perfect sense as babies get a little cranky during those evening hours, which tends to coincide with the working parent being home. At least ours does.

Anyway,  I thought it was a splendid idea and immediately adopted it on the spot.

So yesterday Alex, Benjamin and I piled into the car, drove downtown, picked up Chris, and headed out for lunch. We have a favorite little pizza-pie joint right next to the hospital where Benjamin was born. 

Later Alex and I moseyed down to Pike Place. 

I love the colors, the smells, and the crafts. So glad we went; I was telling Alex the last time I’d been there was on an outing with her and Megan back when Chris and I lived in Downtown Seattle - in 2003!

We were definitely due for a visit. 

It’s tulip season. We missed the giant tulip festival this year; we are determined to make it next season.

 Seafood. Yum, yum! And, just out of curiosity, are ‘fancy halibut cheeks’ [at 17.99(!!!) a pound]  really the cheeks from halibut? That’s rather specific, don’t you think?
More seafood

 Ahh... by far my favorite shop: Market Spice! It smells heavenly in here. Although I’m always worried that I’m going to knock a jar off the wall…which will bring down several of its buddies. Can’t you just picture the mayhem? That would be awful. 
 Ben was a trooper. 
He was actually awake for a few minutes before he seccumbed to the lull of the stroller.