Thursday, June 23, 2011

Any other website but that one

Ben has started this new trend of windmilling his arms around when he nurses. He has perfected the art of swiping my iPad screen during these episodes which frequently results in a zoomed-in page or a new browser window. This isn't a big deal as I can usually navigate back fairly quickly to what I was originally reading.

Except this time he hit the NYTimes button on my browser.

Whoa, kiddo.

Hold it right there. We do not mess around with the NYT website. That one is strictly off limits. Your mama will not be pleased if you managed to use one of her 20 free articles thanks to your Miss USA parade float wave. Especially at the end of the month when she knows that she's only an article or two away from the limit...


  1. There are, supposedly, several ways around the NYT limits. Google it! Then the kidlet can windmill at will!

  2. Emily Benson8:54 PM

    Logan is an arm flailer while nursing too. He tends to give me gentle slaps (read: love pats) on the face or he'll grab my chin and shake my head back and forth for minutes on end. I don't have an ipad, but I tend to use my smartphone while nursing and he has occasionally opened apps and dialed or text messaged people by accident. I'm right there with you Sonja! Makes for good stories though. :-)

  3. Emily Benson8:57 PM

    P.S. We have 2 teeth now too which certainly makes nursing more of an adventure!

  4. Oh! OUCH! The thought of that is making me cringe. :) Definitely not looking forward to teething stage!

  5. Good idea Jessika! Still trying to figure out how to do it on a tablet...

  6. Felicia8:29 AM

    I've had a nursling completely screw up my screen so that the only thing I could think to do was to shut 'er down. Fortunately, it seemed to work.

    As far as the teeth thing, they've got 23 between the two of them and I've certainly been chomped a few times, but they learn pretty quickly that Mommy doesn't like being bitten. I think they only used me as a teething toy for about a week in the very beginning. Now any biting is completely intentional and for fun... I know that sounds worse, but I don't feel bad about cutting them off when they bite me on purpose.