Wednesday, June 22, 2011

There are other things in life besides having a baby

My Dears,

I feel like I owe you an apology. If you’re not really interested in babies then this blog has been a prett-y lousy read for the last five months. Our lives have been consumed with the eating, sleeping and pooping cycle of one squalling infant and the blog has been a reflection of that. Plus I was so delighted to have another model besides Bailey that I got a little snap happy. So I’m sorry for that.

I’m going to try and add in a few other non-baby tidbits that have been happening in our lives. But I’m guessing it’ll continue to be pretty infant-heavy, considering that we don’t have a whole lot else going on at the moment.

So, first on the agenda:

Chris and I have our wedding anniversary here in a few weeks and I’d really like to do something fun. It can’t be too exotic since we have the bambino and I was thinking that we might push it back by a few months to take advantage of the cheaper fall season.

So: Any ideas? Recommendations?

I was sort of thinking romantic beach cottage weekend in the San Juans:
[eh, I cheated on this photo. It’s not from the San Juans but from Canada. And not even from the west coast of Canada either, but from a lovely little site on the Atlantic Ocean]

Or yurting along the Columbia River:

And then I made the mistake of googling ‘Glamping in WA’ which was all nice and good except I found a site which, in addition to cute tenting opportunities in our fair state, also lists cool glamping operations from around the world. Like this one in Australia:

Bad idea. I have got to stop looking at international travel Sites.

I then googled ‘unique places to stay in WA’ and found this gem. How often does one get to stay in a lighthouse?!

This website also had exotic inns from around the world. I was just about to sign my dad up for this one in Costa Rica:
Here you get to sleep in a Boeing 737 that’s been turned into a resort.

Anyway, back to our anniversary plans. Any reasonable, not-too-expensive-or-far-from-home ideas? Good restaurants? Cool places to spend a night or two? That allow kiddos? Places that have nearby things to do [eating, hiking, hot tubbing, eating, biking, eating, eating, eating (I like to eat) etc]. It doesn’t have to be far from Seattle, in fact, within the Emerald City is a-ok too.

Muchas Gracias, peeps!


  1. There are???

    Y'all are good still doing things for your anniversary. We just had ours and I think our outings get lamer every year. Before you know it we'll be celebrating at McDonald's or something. lol

  2. Yes but didn't you go to Paris for your anniversary one year?! Hard to top that! What I would give right now for a freshy made French crepe...

  3. Yes, London and Paris (2 weeks). We got it in before having kids. We have plans to go back to Paris, Normandy, and Le-Mont-Saint-Michel in 4 years. lol

    This year we had dinner out with the kids. It was a nice dinner, and the kids were well behaved (they even got complimented by another dining couple), but a big step down from Paris. ;) lol