Sunday, June 05, 2011

In the Blogging World [Part II]

My Dears!

Shall we take a gander over to the websites of a few fellow bloggers today?

Eric has, at very long last, decided to update his site with pictures of his trip to Japan and India. Yes, we were insanely jealous over here in the J household. I’m not even going to discuss where he’s headed later in the summer because…well…I might just up and convince Megan, Chris, & Benjamin that we need to stow away in his suitcase. Not even kidding (although I say this each time he gets ready to leave).
Photo: Eric’s Blog

I’m always thisclose to deleting his site off my blog roll due to inactivity(!!) but somehow he is able to judge my level of discontent and slip in a post or two just before I reach for that delete key.

Our friend Woody continues to be our main link to the rowing world as he is a coach for a team in Oregon. We read his blog religiously, despite the fact that he take perverse pleasure in seeing other schools beat the pants off of Willamette, our alma mater. We don’t hold that against him though as WU Crew is having a rough time. We’ll be nice and say that they’re taking a year (or eight) to build up the team. Clearly they haven’t recovered from the loss of the awesome senior class that graduated back in 2003. [my god we’re getting old].

Photo: Starkly Delineated

Christina and Steve are making beer, ice cream [holla!], and it’s so nice to know that their dogs contort themselves into weird, uncomfortable-looking formations as well. And here I though Bailey was the only strange dog. Their chickens are also hard at work creating enormous eggs. OUCH.
Photo: Christina

Dan is bemoaning the fact that he’s late planting his garden. This post is from March and the fact that I planted my wee little garden two weeks ago means that mine is extra super duper late.

And last but not least, Stephanie is doing amazing things with her sewing machine. I ask you, WHO MAKES THEIR OWN PARTY DRESS?! I am in awe, Stephanie!!

Photo: In a New City
And that, my Dears, is your monthly roundup of fellow bloggers! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.