Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome to Getting Old

Personally I find it grossly unfair that the minute I hit 30 my grey hair started multiplying. Exponentially. 

My mom said the same thing happened to her except that she had a good excuse in that she was finishing  her PhD. Me? No such excuse. Well, I suppose I could blame it on the kiddo. 
Oh hey look. You can even see them from far away. Joy. 


  1. You and me both Sonj! And trust me, it's a lot more noticeable in dark hair! ;) You are lucky to be blonde... jealous!

    -- linds

  2. I've definitely heard of post-pregnancy grey. Fortunately, I've never seen a pre-pregnancy grey either. I'll probably just wake up and it'll all be grey someday rather than coming slowly.

  3. If it makes you feel better Sonja, I've had the salt and pepper going on since 7th grade.

  4. Mine is coming in like the tide. What makes it worse is the breakage I get. My flaming red hair and then these two inch white hairs sticking straight up... I used to dye my hair because I wanted to, now it's more a matter of need.

  5. Definitely not appreciated. Grey hair is for old people. ;) will now have to start plucking like crazy. Maybe a new hair color is in my future?