Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ben - 23 Weeks

We strolled down to the park today for a little swinging. This was Benjamin’s first experience with a park playground. 

He wasn’t so sure about it at first:
 But warmed up to it, eventually. I’m sure in a year we’ll have to drag him away.  

My mom tells this story about me and a friend on a merry-go-round at Greenlake. My mom whirled us around until she was pooped out. Not wanting to push ourselves, my friend suggested that we “Go Find Some Teenagers!” to perform the job. Which is promptly what we did. It was a brilliant idea. 

The Pudge is creeping up on six months...
 Have you noticed that he’s been wearing lots o’ stripy clothes lately? I love them.  I was at Hanna Andersson today and stocked up on a few striped PJs. My mother-in-law clued me into the wonderful world of “Hannas” and some fellow PEPpers have seconded her recommendation. I told Ben he’s proudly proclaiming his swedish side via his clothing brand choices. 

We teasingly call this particular outfit his prison uniform. It’s one of my favorites. He inherited it from his second cousins (The Twins) so he has a brown/white version as well. Even inmates need a little wardrobe variation on occasion. 

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