Monday, July 25, 2011

Dress-The-Baby [Now with working poll]


We’re heading off to a wedding so I dug out Benjamin’s poshest outfits for the big occasion.

Attentive readers will have observed that I am a bit fashionably challenged when it comes to dressing myself [What do you mean I can’t wear t-shirts and yoga pants everyday?] and heaven forbid the baby shows up to a fancy shindig in an outfit picked by his mother.

So Lovelies, this is your chance to cast your vote for Benjamin’s wedding attire. Will you go with the sweet corduroy overalls? The smart boating togs? Or the blinged-out European threads?

You decide*. 

The Options:

A. Fine linen shirt imported from France, denim from the House of Burberry, and [fake] suede loafers. My Dears, I’ll have the Dom Perignon, please. 

B. A summer-weight onsie that would look right at home upon the polo fields or this summer’s World Cup race in San Francisco. Paired with navy kicks and a matching boater hat (not shown).

C. Perhaps most suitable for the wedding, given that it’s in Alaska, these sweet overalls are double-lined for warmth but manage to maintain a respectable aura, especially as they’re worn with a nice striped button down shirt and hilariously cute slip-on loafers. 

D. The shindig is occurring on a golf course so this checked overall number might be just the ticket. Birdie! A white onsie and brown shoes complete the ensemble. 

E. In a nod to the baby’s Alaskan heritage, this Pacific Northwest option sports a moose on the shirt’s pocket. Comfortable brown pants match the subtle check pattern. Brown sandals accompany the outfit. 

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*Given that the wedding is in Alaska, the location necessitates that the final selection be weather-appropriate.


  1. What's the venue for ceremony and reception? Personally I would buy a new outfit for the occasion. But, that's how I role. A new outfit for everything. lol Good think I'm getting into making the kids clothes.

  2. ANd that is why your babies are always so adorably dressed!

    It’s actually just a wedding reception; the ceremony happened last October. It’s an afternoon reception at a lodge on a golf course; I looked at pictures online and it looks really beautiful. I’m wearing a dress but I don’t think it’ll be super-duper formal. Honestly, Benjamin will {hopefullly} be sleeping for most of the event so his outfit isn’t of critical importance but of course we want him to look jaunty for photographs!

  3. Liana7:01 PM

    Just voted, but btw, casual skirts from Old Navy (or whoever) dresses up your everyday outfit instead of yoga pants. I have about 10 now. Plus they are ever so nice on hot days. :)

  4. Sonja - It's all about the grandma's. I kid you not. That's who keeps my kids in the trendy clothes. to vote.

  5. Liana - that would be a brilliant idea, IF we had weather like you spoiled people down in sunny SoCal. I am currently wearing two long sleeve shirts and [my trusty] yoga pants. Man, I miss your weather :)

    Amanda - LOVED the pictures of L you posted the other day in her latest outfits. I’m jealous - I think girl clothes are generally cuter than most boy getups.

  6. Liana - warm weather today! I'm breaking out the skirts. Finally!!