Saturday, July 09, 2011

Rant and Raves

I’ve yet to come up with a better title.

Oh well.

Rants O’ the Week:

Rant #1: Bad news -  I think one of our neighbors has taken up punk rock drumming. With all his windows open. So far, I’d rate his performance as enthusiastic, long-winded, and mostly devoid of musical talent.

Fortunately, we have a solution:

Rant #2: I’ve been getting a lot o’ calls lately from companies whose services I currently use (credit card, phone company, internet company, etc) who get me on the phone and say: “There is nothing wrong with your account BUT let me sell you this new, additional service we are currently offering”. I had one really tenacious guy this morning. “I know you don’t like getting these calls but I don’t understand that logic since what I’m trying to sell you is good for you. I’m really trying to help you”. For the life of me, I couldn’t shake him.

Finally I told him that if he (or his company) called me one more time than I would immediately switch to his company’s competitor. And then I hung up.

Talk about feeling like an ogre. Poor guy is just trying to do his job and I bite his head off.


Sunny weather is HERE and with it come the raspberries!! My all-time favorite food. We picked a handful last night and had them atop Katherine’s* salad.

Yum, yum, yum.

Speaking of sunny weather, guess who is in seventh heaven.

That’s right, this guy:
He’s our canine sun baby.

And last but not least, my dad is just tops in my book. When we were on vacation he came over and did a mammoth amount of work in our yard, most notably taming the wild blackberry/ivy/laurel jungle behind the chicken coop. In true dad fashion, he cleared the entire area but left one, solitary ‘pretty’ weed. That bundle of actions describes my papa to a T.

Thanks, dad.

*In our household we assign ownership to delectable dishes. For example, we have Katherine’s Salad, Greg’s tacos, Karin’s sausage/kale dish, Cherie’s Chili and the original, my Nana’s Fantasy Fudge. It should be noted that these individuals didn’t create the dish, they just introduced us to it and for that we are forever grateful. This distinction stems from the fact that for ten years I thought my grandma’s fudge recipe was just the best thing on earth. There was nothing like it.  I used to tell everyone that her secrete recipe was spectacular and that it couldn’t be duplicated (or shared). And then one year I actually made it with her and found out that “her” recipe could be found on the back of every single can of Kraft jet-puffed marshmallow creme…

I was crushed. But on the bright side, it’s nice to know where to find the recipe, should I lose my paper copy.