Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sweet Little Peppers (Part III)

And here is our third installment of the bambinos from my PEPS group. This is Baby N who has, hands down, the most remarkably beautiful eyes that I have ever spied on a baby. They are arresting. 
 She is also an expert at looking straight at the camera. And touching her toes. Benjamin has just started this nifty trick, usually when I’m trying to get a diaper on him. Clearly he’s been in communication with Baby N. 
 These are over-saturated… but the colors were just too lovely not to punch up a few notches. I’m still getting used to the editing software!

She and Baby J were clearly having a heartfelt conversation. World peace? The Nation’s debt limit? The Meaning of Life? Something of high importance. 

It’s my favorite.