Sunday, August 14, 2011

My How the Time Flies

Oh sweet boy. You are so dearly loved. I see tiny newborns and can hardly believe that you were once just a wee babe in my arms.  You have grown into a solid, strong baby with a personality to match. You are funny, vivacious, and have a hilarious chuckle that rings out whenever we twirl you around or give you kisses on your tummy. Your eyes light up when your Papa walks through the door every night. You are much better at reaching and grabbing anything within the vicinity (toys, hair, plates of food) and you are a tummy time professional. You have to be, given that you haven’t yet learned to roll onto your back. You love the view that sitting (your new trick) affords - so much more to see! I cannot wait to see how gleeful you’ll be when you learn how to stand on your own. We’re slowing getting better at recognizing your cues and you are far more insistent in your desires. You let us know when something isn’t to your liking - usually at top volume. Although you’ve had a few happy experimental sessions with solid food, you remain a baby devoted to milk. At night when I pick you up, and settle into our rocking chair, you frantically search around for the breast, your little tummy rumbling away. It is our most peaceful time together, and although I am often bleary-eyed from lack of sleep, part of me will always enjoy those moments. Benjamin, I marvel at the sweet soul that you have become. Happy six month birthday, darling boy.