Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Alaska Adventure: State Fair

Chris has always raved about the Alaska Fair. So one beautifully sunny afternoon we hopped in the car with Bob and Cherie to check it out.  

I love fairs. The food, the sights, the music, the animals - my idea of a great time. 

 It wouldn’t be a state fair without a little pig racing, would it? Let’s go Harry Porker! We need some hustle. 

Oh Fair food, how I love thee. Would you like to hear what I ate? 

In proper order:
Kettle corn
Elephant ear (below)
Reindeer hotdog
Huckleberry ice cream

I was going to try for some cotton candy too but didn’t think I could physically fit it into my tummy. 

yum, yum, yum!
I did not, however, spring for the chocolate dipped bacon [on a stick]. yuck. 
 Doesn’t everyone want their picture taken in front of a massive squash?! They didn’t set a record this year, thanks to a lousy summer. A guy in Maine is still king with his 1,810 pounder. Holy moly. 
 Ben was not impressed by the giant pumpkins

 “Fair Hair” was a new thing for me, I’d never seen it before. Anyone ever done this? 

Only in Alaska would buffalo, reindeer, and caribou be on the menu.

Of course, I loved the animal exhibits.
 Oh! Sweet little peepers. I remember when my girls were just two days old. 
And who doesn’t want a rabbit the size of a small medium dog?!

We skipped the rides this time around. Maybe next year?

Oh second thought, I might skip this one every year. 

 Have you ever seen this? Spin the Rat! Place your bets on the colored squares, spin the wheel, and the rodent picks the winner by selecting a colored hole to drop down into. I’d imagine the poor little rat gets pretty woozy after a while. 
 Lumber jack show! One of my favorite parts of the fair, despite the high cheese factor.  Yo Ho!!

A long, glorious, full-filled day.