Thursday, September 08, 2011

Alaska Adventures: Hikes, the Cabin, and the Zoo

Ok, this is the last Alaska post, I promise. 

Also, I should mention that a large number of these pictures are Cherie’s. She is so much better at taking the people pictures than I am. 
 Out hiking with the fam: [left to right] my FIL Bob, MIL Cherie, me, Chris, Ben, BIL Greg and SIL Katherine
 El bambino y su papa
 The brothers with their respective babies. Greg’s wee little one just happens to have four legs and a tail. 

 Oh sweet Sadie. You should see this pup run; she is amazingly fast. 
 Believe me when I say that Alaska is beautiful. 

Those tree colors, they are a changin'
 We trundled out to the cabin for a weekend. 

 So…I think this might be a ruffled grouse. Bob told me what it was but I’m afraid that the name has slipped from my memory. It’s not a ptarmigan, of that I’m fairly certain. 

Baby loves the cabin. 

And his papa. 

 Sonja, Benjamin, and Katherine. We are so looking forward to seeing both Greg and Katherine for a few days in November. 

Oh happy baby

 Bob and his [big] boys
 What is it with men and fire?! 
 Benjamin and Uncle Greg
 One last Sadie shot
 Peeps, do you remember that I was talking about my love for highbush cranberry jam? This is what the plant looks like. Yum, yum. 

 And you know a trip to Alaska wouldn’t be complete without a zoo excursion! I adore the Alaska Zoo. It’s small but sweet and they specialize in cold-weather animals, many of them native to AK and Northern Canada. Plus most of the animals were either brought in as orphans or were injured and are unable to live in the wild. 
 This is Oreo, a female grizzly that as a cub was originally paired with an orphaned polar bear. After a few conflicts, she was eventually moved into the Jake’s exhibit, the Zoo’s resident male grizzly. 
 I *think* this is an artic fox. It’s about the size of a house cat. 
 The musk ox. One time they escaped from their pens and were roaming around the zoo. Evidently it was quite exciting! 

And we’re done with Alaska pictures. ‘Till next year.