Monday, September 12, 2011

Creepy Crawly

We were down at the beach at my parent’s house the other day and found this guy paddling around in the lake. 

Which is fine except he's not aquatic. 

[sorry, a little fuzzy]
This is a banded alder borer (Rosalia funebris), also called a California Laurel Borer. They are native to the Western US and Canada. 

 This little guy was about an inch long and happy to be back on dry ground. He got a little sandy. 

I don’t normally mind the denizens of the insect world but having this guy crawl onto my leg was a trial - mostly because his feet were ticklish. 

And it reminded me of the time in Mexico that Chris got bitten by a critter while in bed but we couldn’t find it, even after scouring the bed, the floor, and the bug netting. Having a blood-drawing something on the loose in the bed didn’t make for a comfortable rest of the night. 

I’m glad this guy has a taste for plants rather than me.