Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Ideas

Benjamin was going to be a honey badger for Halloween but I decided that the costume would be difficult to create with any authenticity.
Picture source here

You’ve seen the honey badger video, right? It’s hilarious but also not safe for work due to uncouth language. 

So..pondering our costume options. 

A honey bee?

A pumpkin? 

How about an octopus?

A chicken? Oh my. We might have to do the chicken. Or in Ben’s case, a rooster. 
Or a lamb. Or Ben could be the rooster and Bailey could be the lamb. A wolf in sheep’s clothing!! Oh my god I crack myself up. 

This might be the only year that I get to pick the costume. After that, it’s probably going to be batman, Elmo, or, god-forbid, a teletubby. 

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