Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rant and Raves

I have a terrible track record for these but I guess they’ll just have to be an intermittent blog feature.

Rants O’ the Week:

  • To the two women with the pitbull at Carkeek Park last weekend who waltzed past the huge “No Dogs on Beach” signs and then were caught without any sort of bag when the dog defecated in the middle of the heavily-used beach trail. Two things: You make dog owners look really, really bad when you do that. Secondly, you must have also missed the signs that said: “The stream and beach are heavily contaminated due, in part, to bacteria from dog and cat fecal material”.  Throwing a wee pinch of sand over your dog’s mess in the middle of a busy, busy trail is not going to help that situation.  Granted, we’ve all been bad dog owners on occasion but this behavior seemed especially egregious. 
  • To chickens that are nearing the end of their laying period. Pondering our options on this one. 
  • Sanding plaster in an old house. What a dirty, dusty, messy, miserable process. 

Raves O’ the Week:

  • Football tickets from an awesome relative.  
  • Lovely fall weather. We’re in soup- and stew-making mode ‘round here. Getting ready to hunker down for the winter. 
  • Babies that sleep 6 hours straight. This happens rarely in our humble abode but when it does… it’s pure bliss. 


  1. First rant good...the ;) You need to re-title this series...minor grievances and raves of the week.

  2. I like it! We now have a new name for these posts!

  3. Uh oh, shall the chickens move on to greener pastures (or the stock pot)? I'm fairly certain my husband will be culling our hens once they reach the end of their egg production lives...which I'm ok with because I understand the cycle of life & I prefer knowing where my food comes from anyway...but I refuse to have anything to do with them until they're being dressed for the roaster...
    Good luck. Let us know the outcome.

  4. Chicly - yes, exactly. One has stopped laying completely and the other is slowing down. I am ok with turning them into stockpot material but the problem is that neither Chris nor I have much experience with killing or dressing. And I owe it to the girls to make the process as quick and painless as possible. So yeah, still pondering our options.