Thursday, September 22, 2011

SC Parrish Photography

My Dears,

Have I told you about my fantastically talented cousin Sarah? She has had her
professional photography shop up and running for a while now and I glanced through her site the other day.

I am definitely related to this gal.  I mean, who else would love critters as much as I do?

Feast your eyes on these photos:

 I detest yellow jackets…but love this picture.
And without a doubt, my most favorite of them all!!!! Still laughing at this one:

 And, of course, she does fantastic pictures of people that are chock full of personality and pizazz. Such as this one:
 And this sweet shot.

Peeps, if you happen to reside in the lovely State o’ Virginia, be sure to check her out!



All photographs were taken by and are the property of SC Parrish Photography.