Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ben - 9 Months

Dear Benjamin-

My, I can hardly believe that you are nine months old.   Yesterday we went to the doctor for your checkup and sat down next to a brand new baby.  It seemed like such a short time ago that we were in the same position, toting our wee little wrinkly babe into the office for that first visit. Sitting next to this baby on the floor, you looked like a giant.

This has been a tough month for you, Benjamin. You caught a nasty cold that has kept you coughing and sneezing for the past three weeks. Your little nose was completely plugged and it made nursing, eating, sleeping, and breathing difficult. You’re on mend though and we are so relieved to have your chipper little self reemerge.

You are crawling up a storm these days, kiddo. We could tell that you were extremely frustrated by your inability to travel places. Your world has suddenly expanded; no longer are you content to play with the toys at your feet, now you are exploring all manner of nooks and crannies within the house. The other day you took a tour of the fireplace, the shoe rack, and the cave under your crib. Every object you discover along the way goes straight into the mouth.

Except food. You are still firmly clinging to your nursing ways. An occasional snack of cheerios is ok but you've firmly rejected just about everything else. I can occasionally tempt you with raspberries, cheese, or a crust of bread but you’d much rather chew on your bib or gnaw your high chair. You love smoothies though, provided that you get to drink them out of a 'big person' cup.

Your personality is really shinning through these days. At home with me and your Papa you are jolly, sweet, inquisitive, and bold. You laugh uncontrollably when your dad swings you high in the air. In company, particularly around other babies, you seem a bit on the reserved side, preferring instead to sit and play with your toys, rather than exploring or interacting with the other kiddos. I have a feeling that will change as you get older and more comfortable with both your social and mobility skills.

Your current favorite activities include swimming (and going underwater!), dancing/bobbing, and snatching Bailey’s ball. The Beast is not amused by these antics but has been placated by the number of treats you heave his way during dinner time. He is eating well these days.

We are loving this age: you are such a joy to be around and we are excited to see what new tricks you’ll come up with next.