Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Au revoir dear Chickies

My Lovelies - 

Our days as chicken owners have come to an end. 
Our girls were pushing 2.5 years old and Phoebe (below) stopped laying a few months ago. With the advent of winter, Winnie’s production had also dropped. 
Winnie is off on a new adventure; she is currently making the acquaintance of a hen that lost her flock mates to a raccoon attack.  

Little Phoebe, however, is no more.

She was a good chicken and our family is thankful for the many, many tasty eggs she produced in her time. 
The girls had one glorious last day at La Casa J: they galavanted around the yard, took dust baths in their spot under the stairs, and chased bugs near the compost pile. Then they camped out for a snooze, cozied up together in their nesting box. 
Thank you, girls.