Monday, November 21, 2011


My Dears,

What Christmas/holiday traditions to you have in your house? I’m casting around for ideas.

We hung up my mom’s long colorful stockings (mine was always the glitter one) and set out cookies for Santa.

And I will swear to you that I heard him come one night when I was about seven years old. I remember the sounds (and the feeling of elation) very, very, clearly.

Chris fondly remembers special reading time with his papa:

PS: Would it be terribly awful if I wrapped up a whole bunch of empty boxes for Benjamin to ‘unwrap’ this year? He thinks toys are ok but he really loves tearing paper and playing with ribbon.  It reminds me of the time that I really, really wanted a Barbie house. I think I spent more time playing in the giant box that the house arrived in than I did playing with the cotton candy-colored toy. 


  1. Man that book takes me back. We don't have a lot of traditions any more but one that has stayed strong has been us putting out my Lionel trains. It started when I was a tike and has continued.

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  3. We have TONS of traditions. Christmas Eve we have pizza, cookie, candy, variety of salty snack foods and watch A Christmas Carol. Currently it's the Disney Mickey Mouse favorite! :) Then we let the kids open one present.

    This year we are starting Elf on the Shelf. Lets see...Christmas tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving. Of course cookie making and decorating. All Christmas books and Christmas specific toys come out. We will be starting an advent calendar and wreath. Christmas movies galore. On Christmas kids get to open first and at their own pace. Then when they're done and playing adults take turns opening gifts. Christmas Day mass here...not Christmas Eve...too crowded. We have these Santa dad had one as a kid. Then he got my brother and I one. And now I'm getting our kids their own...for hot chocolate. :)

    We're going to do Santa boot prints this year with baking soda and glitter. It's just so fun! Christmas was BIG at my house growing up. I hope to make it as exciting for my kids as it was for me.

  4. Oh, and as far as opening boxes. Do what you think he'll enjoy. :) But, I would get a few toys for him to grow into. Because with his birthday being early in the year it's a loooong time until Christmas again. And kids don't really begin forming interests until after their first birthday...and for G it was closer to his second birthday that interests really started hitting hard. Books were a huge hit, puzzles, cars/trucks, FP Little People. I can share more if you want. Just e-mail me.

  5. You are a gold mine of ideas, Amanda! I like the opening of one present on Christmas eve. Chris’ family does something similar; they always get new pjs and a book on christmas eve. What are the santa boot prints?!

  6. oh, I adored my train set. I’ll have to dig it out of my parent’s garage. Maybe in a few years when he won’t tear it to pieces.

  7. Cut out a boot print shape (trace your shoe on card stock.). Sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and glitter from the chimney to the tree using the template. Like Santa tracked in snow from outside/north pole.