Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Big Clean

My Dears, 

I am almost too embarrassed to put this photo up here...

Key word there is almost

Haven't you figured out yet that I have no shame?!

My sewing/craft/whatever room morphed into a disaster zone over the holidays. There were half-finished sewing projects, wrapping paper, laundry, and various bits of furniture thrown about higgledy-piggledy. It was a mess. 


 Awful, right?

And, after a marathon cleaning session, we're looking a bit better:
 Not perfect, but better. 

And there is a shiny new piece of equipment:
 Mama is tired of pregnancy fat!

And here is a peek at my latest project:
I got it off Craigslist yesterday for $15. Weirdly, it almost exactly matches a bookshelf that my grandmother gave me (seen in the top photo) but it won't for long. It is due for a [hopefully] fabulous makeover here in the near future. And then, a home in our guest bedroom.