Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Recap

My Mom mentioned in passing that Christmas is a lot of work for parents. Boy was she right. 

But in a good way. 

Ben slept late on Christmas morning and Chris and I made breakfast and got a bit of relaxing in before the Bambino was ready for action. He wolfed down a few swedish pancakes and then moved on to his stocking. 

 Santa and his plucky little elf. 
 I actually wrapped some of Ben's presents in fabric scraps, hoping that he would find the wrapping to be less edible. 
 It sort of worked. He was pretty excited about the general ripping and tearing that was going on. Plus the ribbon made for some good chewing. 
 Pig pile on the presents. [Randomly, can you tell this year that I was on a green theme? I get tired of the red/green combo. Last year I think it was blue. The year before that: glitter.]
 These are a bit 'big' for him right now but they'll be fun later on down the road. 
 Whoa nelly. What is this cool red thing?!
 Time to go for a ride. 
 After a bit of present opening, and naps all-around, we headed over to my Grandma's retirement home for a nice lunch that my mom put together. Nana isn't up for much these days so it was nice to be able to go to her. My uncle and cousin were in attendance and Nana was pretty pleased with the gathering. My grandpa is in the memory care unit right next door but he didn't much care for the idea of leaving his lunch in order to trundle over to the party so he missed out on the festivities. Not his best day. Another time, maybe. 
 Later we headed over to my parent's house for dinner and some serious apple pie eating. 
 A lovely, low-key Christmas. Glad to spend it with my dear family, sorry to not see Chris' family this time around. 
Today was equally relaxed.  Chris went into work for a bit and then we did a few things around the house, went for a stroll (above), made some post-Christmas cookies, and then met up with my parents to pick out our new front door. You may not think much of getting a door for Christmas.... but we are over the moon about it. It's going to be awesome. 

Chris and I still have to decide on our joint gift for this year. We have a bad habit of picking our present and then not following through. I still have a massage from my birthday last February that I haven't gone in for. And then there is that 5 year wedding anniversary trip up to the San Juans that hasn't made it past the planning stages. Maybe that can be my new year's resolution: stop dreaming, start planing.