Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not partaking of any holiday goodies right now

[This post was from yesterday but I had problems publishing it remotely so you're getting it today. Lucky you!! [eh, not really]]

So: food poisoning stinks.

Big time.

Spent the last few days curled in the fetal position. Ben was probably starting to wonder why his
mama spent so much time on the floor.

Unfortunately, the major downside of constantly losing one's lunch (or gatorade, in this case) is that it affects one's ability to nurse the baby. We were running on empty this morning, milk-wise. And although I'm making light of it now, it was pretty distressing for me. I'm not ready to wean the little guy.

So I trundled into the doctor's office and the good folks there poked and prodded for a bit before determining that I was most likely laid low by some nefarious food substance (I'm looking at you, cranberry pumpkin bread), rather than something a bit more severe (like appendicitis).


Then they hooked me up to an IV and pumped me full of liquids.

See the terrible pictorial evidence here:

Pretty much look like I've been beaten with a stick, right?

Actually, aside from the fact that the guy in the next room over was having a loud discussion with the nurse about how to best drain the pus pocket in his back [seriously], it was a pretty relaxing hour. Warm blankets, dim lighting, comfy bed, rejuvenating fluids...spa-like, you might say. :)

That was due, in large part, to the fact that the Bambino was having his first daycare experience. Chris' work has a [brilliant, wonderful, fantastic] program that subsidizes 'backup care' days for when the primary caregiver is unavailable.

This definitely qualified.

The timing actually worked out well. While I was at my spa visit, the baby was partaking of breakfast with his new buddies. He did fairly well during the morning but I got a call in the early afternoon: "It looks like Benjamin has had enough for today. He's sucking his fingers and trying to crawl out the door".

When I picked him up he happily crawled over and then spent the car ride home 'telling' me all about his grand adventure at daycare. And then he fell asleep for a good long nap. What a day.

I'm hoping that I'm on the up and up, as being sick right before Christmas stinks. But the great news is that Chris has tomorrow and Friday off!!! Which is the best Christmas present ever. Who else is going to tuck me into bed with heated blankets and hot tea? [Well, besides my doctors, of course].