Sunday, January 01, 2012

The 10th Annual Polar Bear Plunge

It's rather funny that the last blog post was me whining about how sick I was and this one is me telling you that I decided to jump into Lake Washington on New Year's Day. 

I'm losing credibility faster than Herman Cain nosedives in the polls. Herman who? Oh sorry, I guess he was last month's news. Who's next to go down? Newt? There aren't going to be any GOP candidates left by the time the election actually rolls around. 

 Sick or not, I decided this was my year to take the plunge and cross it off the ole life list. 

Plus, I was feeling better. Although given that I just jumped into a frigid lake, that feeling of wellness might be short lived. Ask me how I'm doing tomorrow.   :)

I had a great cheering committee with Chris, Ben, and my parents in attendance. Plus the walk home (up the hill) warmed me up.

And 2012 is off and running...



Seattle Times Article: Polar Bear Plunge at Matthew's Beach