Monday, January 16, 2012


Speaking of "digging snow". Yesterday our dear neighbor decided to use a plastic rake to clean his driveway of the white stuff. I thought it was pretty funny until I realized how effective it was. 

Way to go neighbor, way to go. 

Here are a few pics from our jaunt yesterday.

 This little one LOVED it.
 We really need to get him some snow pants and boots, though. Cotton just ain't gonna cut it when he's ambulatory. Fortunately he is well equipped in the hat/jacket/mittens department. 
 Chris - aka Mr. Alaska - teaches the bambino the proper way to eat snow:
 Ben was impressed.
 But not so taken with the concept that he was going to try it for himself.
 This boy loves his papa.
 This is the one that really loves eating snow. Crazy, given that's he's as SoCal as they come:
 Whoohoo! Snowballs! Throw another one, Papa!
 Rosy cheeks, rosy nose. They kind of match his hat.