Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Activities

Lazy weekend?


And it was great. 

After a long stressful week we were due a bit of downtime. We went to a husky basketball game on Saturday with Megan and Eric and then out to dinner with my parents. We haven't been to a restaurant with Ben in a while and despite the late hour, the bambino did pretty well. He has started a throwing phase so we spent most of dinner picking up various objects that the child had gleefully hurled to the floor. 

Sunday we went out for a brief walk to the store and a coffeeshop, this time with Ben firmly ensconced in his stroller. It's nice to be out and about. The snow is pretty much gone and the streets are back to their regular soggy selves. Except that they now have giant pot holes, thanks to the freezing/thawing action. 

On Sunday afternoon we zipped over to Megan and Eric's for a little football watching, some baby wrangling, and lots and lots of eating. Not too shabby for a rainy afternoon.