Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The French lunch: Day II

We had another 'french lunch' today but only made it through the second course. Plus I cheated by combining a few things. 

We started out pretty well with our old standby of hummus and pita. 

Then we moved on to avocado slices. But the babe didn't much care for the avocado today so we sandwiched it in-between the lox and cream cheese course (with a pita bottom) and that seemed somewhat successful. 

Until he started lobbing his mini sandwiches at Bailey. So we called it a day. 

Here are a few other random tidbits from around the web:

Secondly, how awesome is this floor lamp?!

Groupon is having a sale on Shutterfly photo books today. Ten bucks (plus shipping) for an 8x8 book. Not bad, as they're normally $30. The only downside is that you need to make your book by May 14. 

And last but not least, I think my dad needs a bookshelf for his rocks

Ok, one more thing: I called my mom up last night to apologize for the fact that I've been asking her practically everyday for assistance with watching Ben: for hair appointments, dinner dates, preschool visits and various other stuff. She's crazy busy right now (full time jobs will do that!) and I told her I felt bad that I was taking her for granted. I loved her response. "Well of course you take me for granted. It's my job as a mother that you should do so and I love being available for you. It's the same way for you: You want Ben to take you for granted. That's part of being a mother. " Those weren't her exact words and I'm not describing it with her usual mixture of sweet sincerity and straight-forwardness. But it's true. I want Ben to know that I'll be here for him: his job is to be a kid and know, without a doubt, that his parents will be here for him. I hope that I can live up to such high standards. 

This morning the Seattle PI published pictures of children in Washington State that have disappeared. Some of them were presumably snatched; most of them had probably run away from home. I kept wondering what their stories were, where they are now, what their families were like, but most importantly: how hard it must be to be a child out in the world without anybody trustworthy to rely upon. It must be such a scary and lonely place. 

Thanks Mom, for being there. 

Speaking of which, what is your availability for Friday night?