Friday, February 24, 2012

The Power of Awesome Women

My Dears,

This week has been a reminder of how great the women in my life are. Truly.

Last Saturday I went walking in the Arboretum with a dear friend who I hadn't seen in far too long. We'd been trying to get together for several months and lousy weather and various colds/sicknesses/food poisonings had conspired to keep us apart. But ours is an easy friendship that starts right up again, no matter the length of time, and we happily discussed her upcoming marriage, her (amazing) healthcare work with pregnant women in Mexico and Africa, and our various upcoming travel plans.

Yesterday I got to catch up with my two mom buddies from Ben's preschool. We see each other weekly at school but yesterday afternoon was a relaxed opportunity to check in, compare notes, and marvel at the year gone by. Preschool is a fantastic, chaotic, loud experience: I love it, but there aren't many opportunities for quiet conversation.

And then last night I got together with some high school gal pals. Fifteen years, can you believe it? This is a fabulous group of talented women and I so enjoy hearing about their lives: new houses, babies, jobs... good and sad, but overall so great to spend time with such gals. Plus, the stories of one of them, a cop working undercover as a 'lady of the night' kept us in stitches the entire time.

In other news, last weekend I took a photography class. I'm probably not a better photographer because of it but now I have a better handle on the mechanics. Which hopefully, in the long run, will make me a bit handier with 'clickin' the camera'.

Yes, these are fuzzy. But I like the colors. So bear with me on the clarity issues. :)

We have a jam-packed weekend, including a visit with my mom's hair stylist. I haven't had my hair colored in almost six years but hey, I'm turning 31 today so I suppose I'm due a mini-mid-life crisis, right?!

What color, you ask?




(ha. kidding. No Katy Perry-copying for me. )