Monday, February 13, 2012

Recent Parenting Articles

First, a big shout-out to my home state: Washington has signed a gay marriage bill into law. Well done, little WA, well done. I'm proud to be a member of this fine corner of the country.  Let's hope that we continue forward down this path to equality.  

[ok, stepping off my soapbox now]

Secondly, Chris sent me this article last week. It's called: 

Why French Parents Are Superior

While Americans fret over modern parenthood, the French are raising happy, well-behaved children without all the anxiety. Pamela Druckerman on the Gallic secrets for avoiding tantrums, teaching patience and saying 'non' with authority.

It's an interesting read. Check it out here

And one more parenting article, this one a compilation of research on moms that work and moms that are at home. I was pretty pleased with their findings, as I've long been a proponent of mothers finding a happy work/child-care balance that fits their lifestyle. A most excellent read. 

The M.D.: What science says about working moms, and what the heart says

Studies show little difference among children of working or stay-at-home moms. And that holds true when the well-being of the moms themselves is studied.

Happy Monday, y'all!

[oh my god, I can't believe I just said y'all. Did I even spell it correctly?]


  1. Goes back to what I said in our SAHM "debate". That for the mom, it is truly about doing what makes you happy, content, and satisfied at the end of the day. If you're at home, and unhappy...that doesn't do anyone any good. And if you're at work all day and aren't will reflect in your family life as well. No one should feel forced (outside of your financial circumstances) to do one, the other, or a combination of the two. It should be totally at the discretion of the parent...hopefully with the support of the family. :)

    Yes, you spelled "y'all" correctly.

    I need to read the French article now. I'm very thankful that I can count on one hand the number of times my kids have had a public meltdown and that was do to Mommy making them stay out too long. Shame on me!

  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Way to go posting that article over here. : ) I've been still thinking about it and its been days since I read it.