Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why is there not an "un-send" button?

My Dears,

The past few weeks I've been sending my mother-in-law emails that were intended for my husband.

Just last night I asked her to fix the license plate on my car.

A few days ago I emailed pictures of our new front door. And I wondered why Chris never wrote back. (fortunately she's been awfully nice about the inadvertent emails: "oh, nice door!")

The problem stems from the fact the both of their names start with 'C' and they're two of my top email contacts. They also both have (somewhat) similar email addresses.

Basically, I start to type in Chris' email address, my provider guesses as to who I'm sending it to, and I neglect to make sure that it is, indeed, Chris. And not my mother-in-law.

My Dears, I've got to nip this one in the bud. Stat.

Zipping through the days in my normal absentminded mode is causing difficulties.

Time for me to start drinking coffee, perhaps?