Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Busy Little Beaver (A Day in the Life - Part I)

Ben is skipping along at a dizzying pace these days. 

Here is a brief glimpse into his life:

Drawer opening. By far his most favorite of activities. Open the drawer, throw the contents onto the floor, and then selectively place a few things back inside. The other day I found a dirty diaper (#1 only, thankfully) nestled amongst his pants. GROSS.

 A bit of reading. Suddenly, books are more than just for chewing on. 
 Can you see the drool running down his tummy? We are in full teething mode right now. Molars! How exciting!

 Knowing me, you're probably not surprised that we love the animal books, yes?

 What sound does an elephant make? Or a moose? Or a hippo? I was running into difficulties. 
 Ah yes. The constant allure of Mama's ipad. 
 Fortunately, Chris can usually distract him by inventing games. Like picking the baby up with his feet (airplane):

Or blowing on his face with the snot squeegee. 
This one is definitely popular. 
 Chris then blows it on his own face to see if it's really that great (eh. maybe). Ben is still in air tunnel mode. 
The thrilling life of living with a one year old.

Hope you are well.