Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One more for the baby book

Last week I sent my parents and in-laws an envelope, with a request for a letter, from them, to Baby Benjamin. I think it would be neat for the kiddo to have a note from both sets of grandparents. The content of the letters is entirely up to the writers; it'll be a fun surprise to see what we get back.

If I was more together, I'd have requested such a letter at his birth. Or maybe on his first birthday.

Realizing that letter writing is a chore, and that we have some very, very busy parents, I tried to make it as  convenient as possible, by providing the necessary stationary, stamps, and labels.

Here is the kit:
-The note, from Chris and I, asking them to write a letter
-A notecard on which to write the letter
-A stamped envelope, addressed to Ben
-All tucked into the big envelope, ready for delivery