Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This and That

Here is your random weekly collection of stuff from the internet:

I'm sorry I judged you, parents. Now that I have a child,
I know what it feels like.

If you live in Alaska, get half off a flightseeing trip to Mt. McKinley.

Planning to get engaged? Get $100 off jewelry at Blue Nile. We got both our engagement and wedding rings from them and were pretty happy with the service. They've even agreed to resize Chris' wedding ring, six (!!) years after we bought it.

According to this article, WA state is a pretty good place to be a woman.

And while it's a good state to be a gal, it's not so great, statistically speaking, for babies. We have the highest numbers of unvaccinated children in the country and Ben's doctor calls Washington a powder keg waiting to explode. This disease can be fatal for very young children (including vaccinated ones): 7 Confirmed Cases of Whooping Cough in Kittitias County.

And last but not least, why fewer boy babies are born during famine times.