Friday, March 09, 2012

Vacation Weekend, Sans Bebe


We just booked a weekend in April in the San Juan Islands - without the baby.


[I'm sure you could tell that by my excessive use of caps].

We have wonderful grandparents that are going to watch Ben whist we're away.

We're flying up in one of these little guys:

And staying at a wee little hotel on the harbor.

I'm thinking that we should eat lots of tasty restaurant food, go in for a massage, and maybe rent a moped for a tour of the island. Provided of course that it's not a lovely rainy PNW day.

I am so excited. And nervous. I haven't had a night away from Ben since... well, since he was born.

Holy moly, Peeps! I'm going to sleep in till 9 AM. Whoa. Groundbreaking.

(And that, right there, is a pretty good summary of life with small children)

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  1. Joanna V8:07 PM

    Sonja, we just had our first night away from Nina. One night only at the Heathman Hotel in Kirkland while my mom watched Nina. It was SO.GREAT. Of course I missed her, but opening my eyes at 6am, only to snuggle in deeper to the down comforter was bliss. We took long showers, we watched TV in bed, we ate the cashew nuts from the mini-bar with reckless abandon!

  2. Yes! Your vacation is exactly what we need! It sounds perfect.

    April can't get here soon enough.

  3. I wish I had your gumption. I have only been away from G on two was when I had L, the other was when we went house hunting for one day (2 nights). We have our first actual vacation without them the beginning of May and I am a nervous wreck.

    My mom will be GREAT, but I just don't know what to do without them around. And it will be the beginning of major tornado season here which leaves me with a knot in my stomach for my mom...and thinking of being away from them during something like that. I'm such a worry wart. You need to e-mail me some positive thinking...I need you to rub off on me!!! I am so jealous of your ability to not carry unnecessary guilt!!! (And, no, I am NOT kidding.) I hope y'all have a great time!!!

  4. Amanda, you are going to do so well and better yet, so are your mom and kiddos. Just think about how competent she is as a parent and grandparent - after all, she did a fabulous job with you, right?

    As a parent, I think it's impossible to not worry about them, to some degree, at all times. That comes with the job, right? But I have a feeling that once you're away, on vacation, and enjoying yourself, that perhaps you'll be able to temporarily set aside that worry and relax for a few glorious snippets of time. At least that's my hope!!

    And I think it's healthy too, for everybody. You want your kid to be able to function without you there every second of the day and being able to 'disengage' is good for a parent's mental health, too. Plus, nurturing your marriage is always a good thing. Sometimes I feel like I forget about Chris as I am so focused on being a mom - I forget that I have a lovely husband that needs some TLC every once in a while.

    I think it's good that your mom is going to be staying with them in your house. Not only is she a familiar (and beloved) person, but they'll be in their house, in the beds, with all of their routines. That seems like the best possible set up, in my opinion.

    On a random side note: I think you might really enjoy that book I just read: Bringing up Bebe. It was fascinating, for a whole host of reasons. Most french parents send their very young children off to the grandparent's house's in the country for a week so the parents can have some time off. Can you imagine? A whole week! We're not there yet. :)

    Where are you guys headed? Disney World? For some reason, I have it in my head that you're headed south to Florida. :)

  5. Ha! I think that's the only place we go anymore.

    But, yes, we are going to Disney for a friend's wedding. Brian is best man.

    I think, for me, it's partly I hate to miss out on a week of their life. To not see their little faces.... When I have been gone I make Brian or someone send me pictures of them every day so I can at least see them. And I lied...I forgot that I went on a weekend vacation to Disney with my parents last year...but I was less traumatized b/c Brian was home with them. lol

    I agree...Brian and I need time together, and we need time to relax and regain energy. You are so right on that front. And I don't disagree with a word of it. I just have trouble telling myself it's okay for me to do that. I never think it's wrong for anyone else...just for me. I don't know why. Sometimes I think it comes from not having family close we never rely on anyone else to help out...we're so used to doing it all, all of the time. It's hard to say...I need help, and a break. Which is funny...because when I was teacher I made a point to use my days off so I didn't go insane...and yet SAHMs don't get days off. Maybe if I was given vacation days by I would have less guilt.

    I just keep giving myself pep talks and know that I will be SOBBING on my way to the airport. And then when we get on the plane and I open my Kindle I"ll be fine. But, you're right...I couldn't ask for a better babysitter. My mom is tops in my book! ;) (And I'm so glad that my kids will get more time with her as they don't see her that often.)

    I however have zero guilt that I'm going to Disney without them as we're going again with my parents and my brother (w/his family) in October. What can I say...hands down the easiest place to vacation with a child. :) Thanks for the pep talk friend!