Friday, March 09, 2012

Vacation Weekend, Sans Bebe


We just booked a weekend in April in the San Juan Islands - without the baby.


[I'm sure you could tell that by my excessive use of caps].

We have wonderful grandparents that are going to watch Ben whist we're away.

We're flying up in one of these little guys:

And staying at a wee little hotel on the harbor.

I'm thinking that we should eat lots of tasty restaurant food, go in for a massage, and maybe rent a moped for a tour of the island. Provided of course that it's not a lovely rainy PNW day.

I am so excited. And nervous. I haven't had a night away from Ben since... well, since he was born.

Holy moly, Peeps! I'm going to sleep in till 9 AM. Whoa. Groundbreaking.

(And that, right there, is a pretty good summary of life with small children)

Photo credit here.