Friday, March 23, 2012

The Wedding Section

Well, my dears, I think this account just topped anything the NYTimes wedding section could ever come up with. Hold those that are most dear to you tightly and keep them close.

While we're speaking of the NYTimes, they just decreased the number of free articles per month from 20 to 10 AND the LATimes just put limits on the number of free articles that can be read on their site as well. I would be open to paying a fee to read the news, but I'm balking at $15/month (per newspaper) (and that's the student rate, too). Is it just me or does that seem a bit on the pricy side?  [Maybe I'm just cheap]. My daily news sources are slowly disappearing and I'm feeling rather disgruntled about the whole thing.

In other random news, as I was driving by Union Bay this morning, I kept glancing at the Space Needle: "What the heck is that giant red thing hanging off of it?" (you can kind of see the edge of it in the picture below). Well, my dears, find the answer here.