Friday, March 30, 2012

What did you say? Time to have my diaper changed? Sorry, I can't hear you.

Nascar Races?

Aerosmith Concert?

Blue Angles demonstration?

Er, well, no.

It's Vacuuming Day at La Casa.



  1. 1) I miss Gabriel's clothes! lol Benjamin looks so cute in them it makes me remember little special moments.

    2) I think it is hilarious that you put those on him. You are one cautious momma.

    3) My kids would NEVER have let me put those on them. lol


  2. We are getting so much use out of these clothes. Fortunately they're pretty durable because we are putting them through the ringer!

    I know, it's nuts to have Ben wear headphones while vacuuming but I wear them so I figured he should too. For whatever reason, my hearing has gotten a lot worse in the last few years and I'm pretty overprotective about what noises I put up with. Loud music at sports events, hair dryers, and vacuums are all on my list of things to avoid. Of course that's not always possible but we do the best we can. Chris has amazing hearing so hopefully Ben will be more like him in that regard.