Sunday, April 29, 2012

Garden Updates

My Dears,

Exciting news. We have harvested our first crop of the season: rhubarb.

Time to bake up some crisps and crumbles.

Th second bit of news is not so good:

The new neighbors have a cat
and it has sha* [in my veggie garden]
Time to get a bat.

Oh. That was awful. And sorry for the poor choice of language.

No, actually, we're sprinkling cayenne pepper in the gardens in the hope that it will deter the cat.

If that doesn't work....then it's back to the drawing board to think up some new cat-deterrant methods.


  1. No need to apologize...I had the same exact response when I found a local neighbor kitty was using my garden as a litter box. Oh helllll no. I solved the problem by putting up a chicken-wire fence just around the garden. But in looking for more ideas, I found a lot of people recommending motion-detector items often used for deer (motion-detector sprinkler or noise maker). Good luck :/

  2. It is so frustrating (and gross)! If I wanted to clean a litter box, I'd get my own cat.

    We will see what happens. I don't really wnt to spend big bucks on cat prevention measures, given that its not even my cat. Maybe the owner would like to foot the bill ;)

  3. Very good point...preventative measures definitely shouldn't come at your expense. :)