Monday, April 09, 2012

More Wildlife in North Seattle

Whoohoo for North Seattle! We had the deer, now we have Chinese Pheasants! 

First it was my parents telling me about their male pheasant that has been an infrequent visitor to their yard over the past year. And then it was my neighbor John telling me about the pea hen (the female version) that had been noshing at the seed scatted about below his bird feeder. 

Then Megan and Eric had one in their yard. 

And then, yesterday Chris saw this guy, along with two gal pals, sauntering down the road:

Here is a closer, pixilated look:
I believe that he's a ringnecked common pheasant and we've been told that one of the neighbors a mile north of us has been breeding the birds and then setting them free. 

He's quite a show stopper, isn't he?

Now I really want to see one. 


  1. Come on out to Wyoming, we have plenty of those fellas (& gals) running around. They're beautiful & it's always fun seeing them. Although they hide very well & there's nothing scarier than a pheasant jumping out of the brush & scurrying away while you're out for a run.
    There's even a hunting season for I am married to a hunter, yes, we have a few of them in the freezer.

  2. YUM!!! I'll bet they're tasty.

    How do you prepare them?

  3. As if the phrase isn't overused enough, they "taste like chicken." :) We often use them in soup (Wild Rice Pheasant Soup is a favorite) or a "stew-like" dish (Pheasant Curry, usually made in the crockpot w/curry, coconut milk, onions, pineapple) - they are very lean & can easily dry out, so they do well when prepared in a dish that has a lot of liquid.
    Glad you were able to see one running around! They're one of my favorite birds to see, especially with the male's stunning colors.