Saturday, May 12, 2012

Living Roof: That Awkward Teen Stage

I'll talk about the roof in a second but first a veggie update:

In other news, things are growing. These are peas. And sunflowers. Yeah, I'm sure you're not supposed to plant them together but I thought perhaps the sunflowers could serve as trellis' for the peas. 

Living dangerously, I know. 

Ok, now on to the roof. 

I was feeling pretty discouraged earlier this year about the state of our living roof. It was looking pretty scraggly. I thought that two years would have been ample time for it to fill out a bit. Instead, our poor neighbors were looking at one very sorry patch of elevated dirt. 

So what's a girl to do?

Complain to her mother, of course. 

The same mother that happens to have garden that is chock full of plants that can be permanently 'borrowed'. 

My mama is a gem. I planted these crazy Dr. Seuss-like plants a month ago and they have already settled right in. They're one of my favorites. 

Green is good, Peeps. 

 We even have a few delicate flowers (slightly fuzzy, sorry!)

 The roof has definitely shaken off its winter gloom and begun an impressive growth spurt. Yay for Spring. 

These 'hens and chicks' from Megan and Eric were once single plants; now they've got wee little babies. 

Random, yet? I sure didn't plant this tiny little purple and yellow thing. 

But I'll take it! Go huskies. :)