Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Garden Shed: Finished


The shed, after three long years, is finally done.

Here is how it went down. 

We started with an ivy covered mound:

After removing 2,500 pounds of ivy from the property, we discovered it was an old green house foundation:

Since it was already in place (and in good condition) we started building on top of the existing foundation:


Siding, windows, and dirt on the roof. A neighbor gave us the door and you can see the chicken coop on the right hand side. 

And cedar shakes:

 Almost done:

Construction is complete. 

 Time for staining (and painting of doors and windows)
Trying out the paint spray gun for the first time:

Done with the base layer. 

Trim is the only part remaining:

Doing a bit of sanding:

One more coat and we're done. 

The finished product!

Old light fixture re-purposed as a pot. 

Now, I'm thinking window boxes and red geraniums. 

Thank you to the many family members that assisted us with this project over the years. You guys are seriously awesome. 

Of course, like any project, there are still a few things we have to finish up: staining the concrete, re-attaching the gutters, etc, but for now we're just going to bask in the luxuriousness of not having this hanging over our heads. Onto the next project.